[Apple] Apple 花费 5000 万美元就蝶式键盘可靠性问题与美国多州消费者集体诉讼进行和解

Under the agreement, people who had to get their butterfly keyboard repaired should be eligible for some sort of payout if the settlement is approved — as long as they live in California, New York, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington, or Michigan. People in other states aren’t included in the class for this settlement.

The settlement breaks payments down into three tiers: People who got at least two top case replacements (fixing issues with the keyboard basically meant taking the entire laptop apart) will get the most money, with people who got one or more keycap replacements will get the least. If you got a single top case replacement, you’ll be somewhere in the middle.

The estimated payouts range from “up to $50” to $395, though the actual amounts will depend on how many people sign up to be part of the settlement. It’s also worth noting that up to 30 percent of the $50 million will be going toward attorneys’ fees, and more will be siphoned off for other costs and expenses.